Web Design Trends: Make your Website Stand Out in 2019

Website design is consistently growing and evolving. When it comes to the design of your own website, it is rather important to keep an eye on the current trends to see what will grab attention. While a classic design is great for future-proofing a website, it can always be tweaked and adjusted in small ways that will maintain its trendiness! So, here we have a list of web design trends to expect throughout the year.

Web Design Trends and Storytelling

Storytelling is not leaving us any time soon! Effective brands and storytelling are sure to remain a top priority throughout 2019. This is a natural progress of storytelling via social media and has become an ever so popular strategy over the years. Storytelling in website design is essential if you want to stand out among your competitors. Not only will it help you reach a wider audience, but it will encourage them to reach back.

As our attention spans are consistently getting shorter online, communicating website narrative will become an important element of good website design. It will enhance the user experience and helping to grab user’s attention. The website should not just be another landing page for products or services. Instead, it should have a story to tell that will explain your unique selling point (USP).

Flat minimalism with Large Typography

This is more of a continuation of a web design trend. We have seen the rise in minimalism in web design over the last year, but it’s going to be even more important this year. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but this kind of design can help to streamline your website code and speed up loading times. With a few select effects, the entire website can truly shine without becoming too much for the user.

Wave Goodbye to the Mega Menu

Mega menus have never been much of an issue for most visitors, but their practicality now lacks. Due to mobile platforms becoming a huge part of how users browse, these types of website navigation are often unfriendly. It is unlikely to see these being popular throughout the year.

So, with mobile search becoming more and more popular as the days go by, anyone who is designing a new website will know to avoid mega menus as much as possible. Instead, it is important that mobile navigation menus are kept simple and easy to use. The text should be easy to read, listing the most important pages first. For larger company websites, a search function should probably be added as well. Mobile first navigation must be designed for touch. This means that the clickable items need to accommodate a finger as opposed to a mouse arrow. So, make sure that all buttons are larger than on a desktop design to avoid slipping of fingers. Too many clicks on the wrong link will surely be off-putting to the user.

Mobile First Web Design

Again, this is nothing new. But expect to see the importance of mobile first web design grow. As mentioned, more people will be visiting the web via their mobile devices. So, instead of adapting a desktop design to fit mobile and tablet, move your focus onto mobile-friendly user experience. This will be one of the top trends of the year, so it’s not something worth overlooking. Many front-end development frameworks such as bootstrap and foundation are mobile first. This allows the website to be built for small devices first, and for more complexity to be layered in as devices get bigger. This makes the website design completely responsive.

WordPress Content Management

WordPress has been a popular platform for creating websites since 2003. As of 2018, WordPress commands a 60 per cent global market share of websites that run content management systems. This makes it the most popular choice for content management. It’s an open source content management system, meaning that at any given time, thousands of developers and designers are contributing to the platform. This creates an ever-growing system of functionality and security. You can do almost anything with WordPress, and if there’s something yet to be done, it won’t be long before a new plugin has been developed to fill the gap.

Talk to Search and More

Staying on trend is great but staying consistent with the quality of your web design is what’s important. At Search and More, we can help to create and maintain a stunning website that performs well and tells your story! To learn more about our services, speak to a member of our team.

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