Why is Google Not Displaying My Website?

It can be frustrating to see that you discover your website is not showing up on Google. That moment also makes you realise that your website is probably not getting the attention and traffic your business deserves, and especially if it feels that Google is working against you.

You may feel that you have done absolutely everything right and there must be something you cannot fathom that is causing you to lose business opportunities. The tough news is that it could be a number of things you may not be able to pinpoint.

However, there is easier news in that they can be relatively easy to amend and have your website back on form in the search rankings. It’s important to remember above all that when you search for something in Google, it’s not the website in the search findings… It is a page from the website that shows up. To aid in the implementation of successfully presenting this you can employ Stockport website design specialists to fine-tune all aspects of your web presence.

With that in mind, you need to first ensure that Google knows your website exists, you have a page that has a result for the keyword they search for and to provide Google with evidence that your page is target search query worthy.

New Websites

For starters, Google does take the time to discover new websites and pages.

If you have launched your website the same day you are searching for your rankings then your answer is that Google has not uncovered and indexed you yet. This is most commonly the issue when it comes to new websites. This could be because you have no websites linking to your new site, which makes it harder for Google to discover that it exists. Google operates by crawling the internet through links on already indexed websites, so the quickest solution is to share a sitemap through Google’s Search Console.

Upon creating a Google Search Console account and verifying your domain, you will see a tab that says Index with Sitemaps under it. Once you have submitted your sitemap, you can click the URL inspection tool to check if your website is indexed by Google.

Unblocking Googlebot

Among the most common solutions that crop up is unblocking Googlebot in Your Robots.txt file.

What your robots.txt file achieves is informing crawlers on which pages it can and cannot crawl on your website. You may find that an accidental block on a page or folder that holds important assets will find it unlikely in your site being indexed by Google. By simply checking if there has been a block on a page, such as it being set to Noindex, you should be able to then make your change to allow search engines to show the page in search results.

It may sound really silly and simple, but this is actually as common a problem to solve as any other.


If your website was once in search results but is no longer and does not show up in a search on site:yourdomain.com, then the problem could be something more serious.

Try verifying your domain on the Google Search Console and check on any notice in regards to manual penalties. If your website has been penalized then Google will notify you of the reasons behind it. From there you can request a reconsideration once viewing the issues. Naturally, penalties occur when a website has done something that it shouldn’t, such as spamming or hacks. Upon taking care of the issue, Google should lift the penalty.

Help where needed

There are many issues when it comes to not getting your web presence in Google search results and not all of them can be small or large scale. By talking with experts in responsive web design in Stockport pretty much all issues can be handled and guided through and some will be more painless than others. Simply asking for help from a web design agency in Stockport can solve a whole lot of problems in a few clicks.

For putting your presence back into the hunt, contact the team at Search and More today and get the answer to your website not showing up on Google.

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