The Week’s Most Exciting Digital Marketing Stats

If you’re in the digital marketing game at any level, you’ll know there’s really no such thing as too many statistics! After all, it’s the facts and findings that come out of the ether every week that help guide pretty much every decision we make going forward.

Which is why we’ve once again taken the time to bring together a selection of the week’s most relevant (and perhaps even exciting) digital marketing statistics.

This weeks digital marketing statistics

Econsultancy has delivered the goods in a big way, with the following highlights representing some of the most crucial lessons we’ve learned over the past seven days:

1 – Small businesses are increasing their marketing spending

According to the folks at eBay, no less than two out of every three small web businesses have indicated their intention to increase their total marketing spending in 2016. In addition, more than 60% of those polled stated that at least a basic understanding of digital marketing is now a key consideration when hiring – most considering digital marketing knowledge to be more important than a university degree.

2 – Most mobile Internet users are female

Contrary to popular belief, it is not in fact men who spend the most time surfing the web on their mobile devices. New data released by UKOM this week shows that while men spend approximately 39% of their time online accessing the web by way of mobile device, this increases to whopping 49% for women. From gaming to ecommerce to social media, experts are advising a thorough and immediate rethink of the way many brands are targeting their marketing messages.

3 – Smart home technology isn’t lighting many fires

We’ve been told for many years that the Internet of things will soon transform (and perhaps take over) the way we live our lives. Interestingly, new research from PwC seems to suggest that two out of every three consumers currently have no interest whatsoever in introducing smart home technology. This, despite the fact that an impressive 95% of consumers that have adopted smart home technology to date said that doing so had proved beneficial.

4 – Free returns work wonders for Festive Shoppers

It might not feel like the right season to be talking about it, but Bizrate Insight has just released the results of a study which confirmed that customer loyalty over the Christmas period was increased massively by the offer of free returns.  Along with 60% of participants stating that they were happier to make purchases if free shipping was offered, 43% stated that free returns represented an important incentive.

5 – Facebook still tops with decision makers

Last but not least, research carried out by the folks over at Hotwire found that Facebook is still the preferred social platform for decision makers. According to the report released this week, 25% stated that when looking for information ahead of a purchase, their preferred channel was Facebook. By contrast, Twitter scored just 6% and LinkedIn came in at 17%.

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