Look What’s Ahead, Part 1.

In the internet marketing business most of us have our footing back after Penguin 2.0, But what lies ahead for SEO and social media marketing in the years to come?

As we are fully aware it’s become very transparent that Google’s focus is on eradicating spam and therefore enhancing the user experience by producing better content.

The changes that have become evident have shown us the parallel between site quality and link relevancy and that these are the key players over the next twelve months. However, comments from Google and predictions from leading SEO experts suggest that there will be other changes are on the horizon.

So we can review some tips that we believe will be influential for the rest of 2013 and throughout 2014.These are nothing more than guesses.


We all know the relevance of content but you need to ensure that you apply more depth and detail. Blogs that are published with 500-words a couple times a week and achieve authority status are likely to be overtaken by the informative longer pieces that are 1,000 words 2,000 as these will be deemed increasingly valuable.

Alternative media content help you get power.

Look beyond the familiar text only content, think about creating video, developing infographics, or launching interactive quizzes, ways to get the audience participating. As demand and Internet marketing becomes more challenging it’s necessary that you do whatever you can to rise above the rest. Keeping content relative, punchy and as different as you need to make it creative! However, there’s only so many ways you can share a blog. But a video can be syndicated to many different sites, added to a branded channel on YouTube or embedded on Pinterest as well as many more. When the audience searches it is important to appear under videos, images as well as just text. Providing a more diverse content base will help you rank more successfully for your target terms.

High quality links remain critical, yet the bench mark for quality keeps going up.

Matt Cutts released a video back in May suggested that Google’s continuing to develop more sophisticated adjustments to the algorithm to measure link quality and thwart link spammers. This evokes the concept of link wheels – creating networks of hub and spoke sites, along with various levels of intermediary sites, in order to build links. The idea is that if they are disseminated and deep enough, that the connections between them will be masked. In a nutshell, these approaches are not current anymore and will become less so moin the future.

While Google’s already focused on this, ever more sophisticated versions of this approach – from paid advertorials to private blog networks – will continue to be relevant targets in the war of spam. Not only will we all be taking a retrospective look at our link profiles, but strategising how to build links in the future will require more ingenuity and planning. Link building is moving in the direction of a relationship-based process.

Differentiating link text is ongoing.

Penguin 2.0 focused on and hit sites where anchor text was too optimized. It was estimated by the experts that if 30% of your anchor text was duplicate, it was considered that you were actively building text that was manipulative. Forward thinking is that link building needs to be organic, using a variety of link phrases.

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