Why AI Writers Cannot Defeat Human Content Creators

Want to hear something scary? In 10 years, AI-generated content is likely to become the norm. In 20 years, we may be overrun by robot content creators! So, should all content creators just give up now? Of course not. Let’s discuss why AI writers cannot defeat human content creators.

3 Reasons why IA writers cannot defeat Human Content Creators

If the fact we just told you has made you anxious, you can relax. Regardless of how well technology is developing, humans are still in the lead.

1. Robots cannot Replicate Human Touch

Robots are robots. They are not built with emotion, choice, memories… They simply don’t feel. This is the exact reason why human writers cannot be replaced. When writing is deeply human, people are more moved by this than they are by facts. We love a good story! In order to tell a story, you need a background of experiences that mean something. Robots cannot do this.

If you’d like a good example, take a look at this comparison of a robot-written report, vs a human one! Better yet, check out one of many AI experiments by Twitter influencer Keaton Patti. His examples show just how far a robot has to go before they can take over the job of a human content creator.

2. AI content is Costly

While you can get some AI content generators that are quick savvy, that is not normally the case. What is readily available to the public is not nearly at the level of what larger companies will have access to. You can even try it yourself! Have a go at creating a piece of content through Articoolo. This generator can be used by the public, but that’s where it stops. The information it shares is no good for content you would wish to put on your website.

3. AI Writers are not Relatable

Robot writers are not relatable, nor can they show empathy like human writers. If they could, chances are they would be a cyborg sent from the future, and we would all be dreaming. But, if we were to look at human influencers, we would see that the worth of influencer marketing is expected to grow by $10 billion by 2020. What makes them so powerful for marketing?

Influencers are humans who can relate to other humans on human levels. They are loved and trusted by many people. This is because they share themselves and connect with their followers on social media, blogs and more. They can reach out to us in a real, human way. This is why, when they write a blog or create a social media post, it can have a large impact. People are far more likely to respond.

Human writers can evoke emotional responses. Why? Because they WRITE with emotion. Even if we wrote with no emotional intent, it would naturally be there. Until robots have the power of independent cognition, AI content generators will never live up to the standards we expect.

Could we see the Future of a Robot Workforce?

So, does have AI have the potential to replace human writers at some point in the future? Perhaps, but this could take HUNDREDS of years. Technology is certainly nowhere near that stage just yet. Right now, it is more likely for human writers to rely on robot helpers for more mundane tasks and cover a wider range of information. Be sure to keep an eye out for smarter tools, systems and other forms of AI in the industry. Don’t forget to maintain your place by being as creative and human as possible.

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