Why Updating your WordPress Plugins is Very Important for Security

Often wondered if updating your WordPress plugins should be done on a regular basis? Well, what would you expect the answer to be had we told you that 80 per cent of WordPress websites are hacked due to no updates? If you are not updating your WordPress plugins, then you are putting your website at risk.

One of the best things about using WordPress to build websites is that the plugins and features make it more interactive. WordPress is quite safe. It the largest and most popular content management system, empowering over 60 million websites. WordPress is being managed by the best talents in the world, but what about your plugins? Research shows us that most hacks occur due to vulnerabilities in the plugins or themes.

Plugins and themes are bound to have issues. When these issues are found, developers will quickly release a fix for the issue. It is up to the website manager to install this fix to keep the website as safe as possible.

Is Updating your WordPress Plugins Relevant to Small Websites?

It would be a mistake to think otherwise. Hackers are rarely drawn to one single website. Larger websites tend to be protected by the best security systems and are therefore more difficult to break into. Small websites tend to be weaker in terms of security because the website owners assume they are not big enough to be targeted.

Hackers tend to use automated tools to scan millions of websites. They search for sites with vulnerable or out of date plugins. 60 per cent of small companies that have been attacked loses business within six months. It is important to avoid being part of this statistic.

So, What Should be Done?

Take all necessary precautions to keep your website safe. This means keeping your WordPress plugins up to date as often as possible. Search and More will offer this as part of our website management service. With us taking care of everything, you needn’t worry about updating your WordPress Plugins.

Issues that can occur when Updating your WordPress Plugins
Updating your WordPress plugins can go a long way in saving your website. However, there are a few complications that can occur, which is why we always recommend opting for a creative digital agency there to support you and manage things on your behalf.

Updates Can Break your Website

Updating your WordPress plugins is normally a one-click journey. However, anyone with experience will tell you that you need to be cautious. As a plugin develops, it moves further away from its original design that was compatible with your website when you installed it. Although developers try to keep it as compatible as possible, it doesn’t always work. Between version changes, the software can become incompatible. Therefore, updating a plugin can break the website.

Many Premium Plugins Do Not Notify about Updates

WordPress plugin repository automatically checks for updates. So, as the developers release an update, there will be a notification sent out immediately. All your website needs are someone to keep an eye on these updates every day. Search and More are here to keep an eye on this for you. In one click we can initiate the updating process.

However, most premium plugins are not present in the repository. Some of these plugins have auto-update functionality, much like the ones in WordPress repository hosted plugins. They tend to be easy to update. However, some plugins lack this functionality. So, when the developers release a new version fixing important vulnerabilities, you will not be able to know about it easily. You will have to monitor their blogs and other resources to know when there is a new update. Search and More can keep an eye on these updates so that you needn’t worry.

Plugins are Sometimes Abandoned

People create plugins and themes for a variety of reasons, but maintenance can be a challenge. Maintenance and support all come down to the budget. Creating decent software requires time and effort. Developers who cannot focus on the product on a full-time basis may eventually lose interest. What’s more, if the plugins are not updated on a regular basis, vulnerabilities will find their way in and fewer people are likely to use it. A drop in the interest of a free plugin may also result in lack of interest for the creators.

Talk to Search and More

Keeping your website maintained with regularly updated plugins is essential if you wish to remain secure. Search and More is here for all elements of website creation and management. To find out more, contact us to discuss what we can do for your website to help your business grow.

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