Why Should your Business Invest in Content Marketing?

Whether you happen to already be involved in your brands content marketing, or you are just getting started, it is important that you are aware of the weight in which content can carry for your business. Many will assume that a content marketing strategy involves nothing more than simply posting a blog post every now and then with something that seems interesting. Although this is a part of the process, there is a much bigger picture when it comes to getting the most out of your content marketing.

A content strategy must be built with consideration, careful planning and execution. All aspects that take up your time and require ample resources must be carried out effectively. It is extremely likely that you have avoided giving your content marketing strategy the efforts for these reasons. This could certainly be the case if you are a small team or a new brand. Regardless, Search and More believe that content marketing should play a significant role in your overall digital strategy, which is why it is something we offer as part of our service.

Content Marketing Complements All Other Marketing Strategies

As we have just mentioned, content strategies are capable of reinforcing and supporting other areas in your marketing efforts. Whether this be a PPC campaign, an SEO strategy or social media advertisements, having a content strategy can bring them all together and provide you with more opportunities for being creative and original.

According to last years statistics, more than half of marketers who were surveyed in the UK have a documented content strategy, while 93 per cent of marketers agree that in terms of content creation, skill and creativity is extremely valuable. You email content can contribute towards a higher click-through rate, while web content is there for pushing conversions and SEO rankings.

Content Marketing Can Inspire Trust and Loyalty

Many customers will read about a brand before opting to engage without. This is usually so that they can find out more information or to determine whether that brand is right for them. User-generated content can reassure customers that they are going to get their moneys worth. This is can by done by having industry experts writing guest posts about you, or through social influencers.

These content marketing strategies can give your brand an extremely trustworthy image and help you to stand out from your competitors. This is why it is important for you to share out the right content with the right message. 20 per cent of marketers find that they struggle to deliver their content consistently and find themselves thinking they need to invest in extra resources to help fill the gaps.

You can Measure the Success of your Content Marketing

It does not matter what marketing strategy you plan to deploy; what matters is that you want to see results. Though it is easy to measure PPC campaigns or track keywords, you must remember the importance of tracking your content marketing efforts.

These results can be measured within your marketing strategy by identifying KPIs such as your reach, engagement and social sharing. 38 per cent of marketers in the UK survey are not clear on what an effective or successful marketing campaign should look like. This can have a heavy impact on future content strategies. After all, if you are clueless to what does and does not work, you won’t know what needs to be done in future in order to be successful.

16 per cent of marketing teams find it difficult to explain how content marketing has boosted audience engagement, with 13 per cent being unable to demonstrate how content has increased the number of leads. Investing in content marketing within your overall strategy means you will have a helping hand in creating content that is not only successful, but also easy to measure.

Content Marketing is Diverse

Many of UK businesses’ content marketing is formed by a small team serving the entire organisation, which can cause pressure on time and resource. It isn’t just about weekly blogs; email marketing, video marketing and infographics are all forms of content that can have an impact on your online presence.

Contact Search and More Today

Having a team of professionals, such as Search and More, to take the reigns and allow your business to run around the clock with relevant content in engaging formats can put you in a strong position for success. We can help you to construct and implement content strategies that are sure to drive traffic and results for your brand in the long run. To find out more, contact us today.

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