Are You Optimised? If You’re Not ‘Local’ You Could Be Missing Out On A Large Chunk Of Internet Marketing Traffic.

When most internet marketing businesses hear the term search engine optimisation they automatically think it applies only to those businesses that operate on a national level.

Just because they only deal with local or regional customers they mistakenly assume there’s little benefit in optimisation for them. Unfortunately, these small-scale businesses are making what could prove to be a costly mistake. SEO is just as important for local businesses as it is for large national companies. Optimising a local or regional business website can lead to an increase in traffic and this ultimately can lead to greater profits. Still not convinced?

Then here are 4 reasons that might just change your mind. about why your business website should be optimised:

Local SEO helps customers find your business online.

Why’s this important? Well, probably because a good many potential customers are probably not aware that your business exists. According to Conversion Pipeline, a company specialising in online marketing and lead generation, 39% of internet users struggle to source local businesses online. They may well have bought a computer spare from your local shop, but can’t find you online. If they’ve shopped with you and can’t find you, what about all the other potential customers who might be eager to do business with you in the future? They’ll never know your business exists unless they just happen to walk by your shop. That’s such a waste.

The reason your business can’t be found online is that your website isn’t optimised. If your computer repair shop is located in Manchester, make sure your keywords include this key term. It tells people where your business is based, and it tells Google and the other search engines where you are and what you do. Geo-location keywords are crucial for local SEO.

Customers use search engines to find services and products.

What’s the principle thing people search for on the internet? Facebook or Twitter? No, it’s actually products and services. The internet is a reference site where people research what they want to buy and find out where to source it. For the local market the internet is even more important. Of all the people who trawl the web, 83% use it for finding local businesses. That’s why it’s imperative to adopt the right sort of marketing strategy. The Yellow Page-marketing mentality is long gone. Now everything is geared to online marketing, so it’s vital for your business website to be optimised for the local market. You can guarantee your competitor’s website will be.

Local SEO is usually cheaper.

Bigger businesses tend to target internet traffic through AdWords. Let’s face it; they can probably afford to do so. As a smaller local business the probability is that you can’t. Grabbing the best keywords is costly, so it makes sense to target the less popular local keywords. They’re not as congested or competitive. The keyword ‘electrician’ would be very costly nationally: the keyword ‘electrician Stockport’ less so. If you can afford to use AdWords you’ll get much more bang for your buck by focusing on the local market.

Local SEO takes full advantage of Google+ features.

Google has changed many things, but principally it’s changed the way we shop online and use the internet. There are all sorts of features that could be beneficial for local business, but the problem is many local businesses are unaware of them. Including local SEO keywords on websites and social media pages means that Google will not only be able to find your business, it will also  produce a map showing the location of your business, allow you to post photos and let you post reviews form other users who share your information.

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