Is your website out of date?

An out of date website is not only bad for your business but also for search engines such as Google.  Additionally, an out of date website it practically an invitation for competition to divert your traffic and potential leads to their own website.

Our website maintenance package is perfect for organisations likewise to your own; we can make instant changes to your website in most cases on the same day. We understand you may not have time to update your website and keep on top of the ever changing online industry; this is why we have created an all in one package for all of your online website maintenance needs. You’ll never have a website worry again!

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We put together a plan which perfectly suits you to provide just what you need, when you need it. We can bring your brand to life updating it to fit with the most up to date technology and industry trends. It has never been easier to secure business growth, ensure online presence is correct, obtain greater search engine exposure and keep your company’s brand correct across all channels.

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perfect for all types and sizes of business with varying requirements

Internet experts located in Stockport, serving South Manchester and Cheshire

At Search and More we believe our wealth of knowledge, along with our skill set enables us to maintain websites to the highest of quality. We consider not only the needs of Google and a Google friendly functionality but take into account the customers and clients needs. With years of combined industry experience and having both designers and programmers working in the team gives us the knowledge and capability to make your website the best it can possibly be.

Located in Stockport means we are ideally situated to work with clients across the North West and Cheshire, helping to create an internet presence for companies large and small throughout Manchester, Stockport and Wilmslow.

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