5 ‘Hidden’ Facebook Resources To Help Your Business Drive Traffic And Increase Sales.

If you’re a business owner and a relative novice at social media marketing, you may have dabbled with Facebook and found the whole experience slightly overwhelming.

After all, if you’re new to the game there aren’t, it would appear, that many in-house resources to help you get a proper grip of the platform and to guide you through the processes to make your Facebook business page as effective as it could be. Well, you may be surprised. Remember the Life of Brian, and the question what have the Romans ever done for us? Well, don’t think Romans: think Facebook. Surprisingly you’ll find that the answer is more than you’d think.

There are numerous Facebook resources available to help you market your company more effectively.

The problem is they’re not the easiest to find. So if you’re looking to drive traffic and increase sales on Facebook, try these ‘hidden’ gems.

Facebook marketing page

Really? Facebook has a marketing page? It certainly does, and what’s more that marketing page has over 2.8 million likes. The page was set up by the platform to help marketers use Facebook more effectively. There are hints, tips and webinars to help you better understand how the platform works. The page will even answer specific questions posted to the wall and suggest ways on how to best deploy resources on the platform. So if you want to know how Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm works and how it affects your business, this is the page to visit.

Facebook advertising page

If you’re thinking of advertising on Facebook and trying your hand at an ad, then where do you turn to for information and a bit of inspiration? Why, the Facebook advertising page. This page sets out how things work, answers any questions you might have and highlights some of the success stories.

Facebook business page

This is probably one of the more obscure resources that Facebook has put together, but it could still prove to be useful. Instead of just focusing on how you can set up an ad and spend money with Facebook, they have put together information on how your business can get the most out of the platform. The page covers all the basics like building a page and conversation etiquette, as well as giving tips on how to engage your audience and influence friends.

Facebook Studio.

Want to know how other successful businesses have used Facebook, then head to Facebook Studio. Here you’ll find a gallery of creative and award-winning Facebook campaigns, a directory agency’s experience in Facebook marketing campaigns, and much more too.

Facebook Studio Edge.

This is a newish resource for those businesses looking to take Facebook campaign creation in house. Facebook Studio Edge is an online course that walks users through practical concepts like measurement, research, resources, and tools to help with Facebook marketing.

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