5 Ideas for Broadening Your Brand’s Appeal On Social Media.

If you want to build awareness about your business and broaden your brand’s appeal on social media, then you’re going to need a social media presence.

The problem is simply having a presence on Facebook or Twitter is no longer enough. What you need these days is an effective social media presence. Unfortunately, as hard as many businesses try, that’s something they often fail to achieve.

So, here are 5 tips for building your brand’s appeal on social media

Whilst they won’t guarantee success, they’ll hopefully help to spur some creativity and inspire you to think up some other fresh, new ideas.

Build a stronger online presence: 3 is better than 2.

Perceived marketing wisdom tends to suggest that you are best served by sticking to just one or two platforms when you first start out using social media. In that way you avoid spreading yourself too thinly. However, many marketing professionals now believe that your online presence would be better served by using 3 or more social media platforms.

Why suggest this? Well, because this gives your clients more ways of touching base with the products and services you offer. What’s more, as each platform has its own particular advocates, you’ll be able to reach an entirely different audience, and that has to be beneficial for your business. If you want to broaden your business’ social media appeal and promote your services and products don’t just stick with tried and tested platforms like Facebook and Twitter, branch out into Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn too.

Social media is the engine to promote your content.

Every online business needs a social media presence – correct. Simply having a social media presence is sufficient – incorrect. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts are there for a purpose; and that purpose is to promote content and drive a business forward. To get the maximum return from your social media presence, your business will need to share quality content that drives traffic back to your website. The important point to remember is that your content is simply a marketing tool, and its primary purpose is to convert online traffic into customers for your products or services.

Don’t underestimate the power and influence of Google+.

Google+ was hailed as the next big thing when it was launched in 2011. In some ways it has still not fully delivered on its potential. However, never underestimate its influence for building relationships, particularly with Google+ Reverse Image Lookup. The individuals marketing with Google+ can play a key role in determining links from sites that Google ranks highly. So to broaden your social media influence, try to touch base with these individuals. Find the influencers that Google+ ranks highly and try to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Keep a close eye on what your competitors are up to.

If you don’t know what your closest competitors are doing, you will never really be able to compete effectively. So find out what they’re doing on social media and monitor their online activities. Research which of their content best resonated with the audience, and find your own unique and distinctive way of replicating their efforts. It’s not copying: it’s adapting.

Take every opportunity to get out there and meet your audience.

If you want to broaden the reach of your brand, then you should try to attend as many live social media events in your local community as you can. These events are the perfect opportunity for building relationships, connecting with social influencers, and networking with new clients.

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