Bad Social, Week 1.

There’s the good, there’s the bad and then there’s the ugly.

Here’s a few really rotten social tips you should discard without a second thought.

Facebook Is Where It’s All At.

Erm.. no. That’s really not true anymore. You must be talking to a social dinosaur if you think so. of course you want to be on Facebook, but it’s not going to deliver you the big pot of social gold at the end of the rainbow it used to do.

You need to be on every single social network.

No you don’t. It’s called spreading yourself too thin. Best to figure out where your audience is and then not waste your time anywhere else. Regulars to the blog will know my favourites: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They are your safest bets and have the biggest audiences.

You don’t need SEO any more with Social.

Crikey. This is a worry. Social can’t drive everyone everywhere all the time. Yes it means that you will have an extra channel. but it’s not going to make up for real SEO. Don’t miss out on that.

All you need to do is schedule.

It’s a great way to manage your social, but you don’t want to schedule everything you do. No, automation says you don’t care. Real conversations and interactions really matter.

Add hashtags everywhere.

No. It can make you look like you’ve just joined the fold. Use them more to comment on your tweets, #nowplaying, for example.

Outsource your social.

Wrong. Who knows the business like you. Who can react to the trends like you. If you are thinking of going to an outside agency, just make sure you stay hands on.

Keep your social away from the staff.

That would be quite hard to do. We don’t live in a cave and it’s easy to be social on your phone as well as through your computer. Give them some trust. Get them involved. Help them expand the reach of the company social for you. Just give them some guidelines first.

More Bad Social next week.

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