Facebook Advertising – what’s it all about?

The logic of Facebook’s algorithms have long eluded and frustrated business owners and personal users alike. However captivating your carefully crafted posts appear to be, they just don’t reach the people you want them to. Clients don’t see your posts – some even say they’ve never seen an update appear on their feed. So where do these posts go, and why aren’t yours getting the exposure you need?

The answer to this question lies within Facebook’s inner workings. Compared with their counterparts posts shared on this network often receive less exposure – full stop.  However there is a quick, east way to evade the often disappointing reach figures on Facebook and bypass its complex algorithms to directly reach your follower base. It’ll cost you – but the various (sometimes surprising) benefits of Facebook advertising make it worth it for many companies both large and small. So what is Facebook advertising all about – and how could it benefit your business?

Secure targeted exposure for your posts

As above, it’s frustrating to put together a post you know will be a hit with your audience only to find it only reaches fifty people. But it’s even more exasperating when you consider that you’re not sure what portion of those 50 people actually reside in your target market. This means that realistically as little as 1% of the people reported to have seen your post could have engaged with it.

Facebook advertising enables you to target your posts and secure a minimum amount of exposure for them. So not only can you set them to reach thousands of people, you can also choose who those people are.

Determine your true target audience on Facebook

Facebook advertising is a great way to pinpoint exactly who you want to read your posts, and who will respond and engage with you. As above, because it offers a range of variables (including age, interests and geographical location) you can fairly accurately target who is going to see your post based on why and how you feel they’ll react to it.

This means that if you’re unsure which demographic to focus on when you embark on your Facebook advertising campaign, you can test different settings. You can even save these settings. So if at this stage you only know that your target market is ‘women’, you can filter that down and create sub groups. Women aged 18-24 in London, women aged 25-40 based in London, then the same for other geographical locations. Play around with interests too. Facebook determines these based on information given by users – but not everyone will class their interests as the same thing.

Test out different campaigns

Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive, so it’s a great way to check out what works (and what doesn’t). So as well as trying out different demographics you can also tweak your content to determine what types of posts are most engaged with by your target market. For instance, one post could be a blog-style longer piece, whilst you test its much shorter, snappier counterpart. Or one graphic tested out with two different images – same words and layout, just a change of photograph and colour scheme. When doing this make sure you test each piece at the same time, on the same day – this ensures that your comparative results are as accurate as possible.

Assess the positives in line with your business goals

Before you spend money on Facebook advertising think about where it sits in your overall online marketing strategy. If you want to use Facebook to grow your business and are confident that this should be a part of your marketing efforts then it’s definitely worth putting together a campaign. But even if you’re unsure, there is no harm in setting aside a small budget of £50-100 to trial it. It could surprise you.

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