Facebook Hits The 1 Billion Mark, But Who’s Poking Who, And Why?

Facebook hit the magical 1 billion user mark last Thursday, according to creator and founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

That’s figure, roughly translated, means that 1 in 7 of the world’s population actively use the social media channel every month. What makes that figure all the more astonishing is that Facebook has doubled in size in just over two and a half years, and, most importantly of all, the channel has yet to crack the huge social media potential of the markets in Africa, Russia and China.

Not all is well however, the share price isn’t performing up to anything like the same level.

It’s estimated that with last week’s share price drop, Mr Zuckerberg lost an approximately $8.1 billion from his personal fortune. Mind you, he’s still sitting pretty, having a healthy bank balance to fall back on should the wheels ever come off. Still, the world of high finance doesn’t touch the lives of most of us: what we’re far more interested in are the statistics. We want to know not just who is using the social media platform, but crucially how they’re using it. So, what follows is a breakdown of some of Facebook’s statistics. Now you can finally see who is poking who, and who is sharing what with whom.

Facebook statistics:

  • 44.97% of the population of North America actively use Facebook every month.
  • If you think that’s impressive: over half of the UK’s population currently use the platform.
  • Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet managed to crack Africa: only 5.15% of the population are currently using the platform.
  • The average, or median age of the typical Facebook user is 22 years.
  • That figure is reducing year on year: if 2008 the median age was 26.
  • There have been over 104.3 billion ‘friendings’ among Facebook users since the launch of the site.
  • Currently 600 million people use the Facebook application on their mobiles, though the social media giant is directing many more resources to ensure this figure increases rapidly.
  • 62.6 million songs have been played on Facebook since the launch of music listening applications in 2011.
  • 219 billion photos have been uploaded to the site since 2005.
  • 17 billion, yes 17 billion, location-tagged posts have been uploaded since the option was launched in August 2010.

And finally, here’s the ultimate question for you – the pièce de résistance: how many ‘likes’ would you guess have been made since the site starting using the application in 2009? The answer astonishingly is 1.13 trillion. If Mr Zuckerberg had a dollar for every ‘like’ that was posted, then he’d be a rich man. Oh, we’re forgetting, he already is.

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