Are Your Posts Too Pushy?

It was always going to happen. And 2015 is the year when quality content will be rewarded over capacity.

You know how we all just used to post as much as possible to get noticed in the big wide world of a platform that is Facebook.

Well unfortunately Facebook has begun taking away liberty to those who put too many promotional posts in their feeds.

The reason? Well we’re all fed up with them aren’t we? So, instead they are trying to ensure that what we produce is of a certain quality. Something worth engaging in that will keep the people wanting.

What do people want?

More news stories from their friends and the Pages they care about. Basically less “promotional content” and more brilliant, exciting and engaging content that is relevant to them. Easy!

So the Facebook News Feed will continue to control the number of ads we see from now on, as well as the quality of those ads (and that will be based on what is receiving engagement, shares, being hidden etc.

However, up until now, you could still put up Promoted Posts because they weren’t as well controlled. This is the reason we have all found lots of things popping up in our feeds enticing us to buy products or download apps and win promotions.

What The Future Holds.

Moving forward if your promoted posts don’t offer value to the reader, then they will be deemed too promotional and we will see less of them. Which can’ be a bad thing in the long run. The problem is it means there’s going to have to be much more creative thinking going on and less slap dash ‘please buy me’ product selling.

It’s all about competition for space. Facebook is not about to start serving any more ads to your News Feed. So as a brand and a business you have to think about being more engaging. You and your business have to be a better marketer. Educate and entertain. Not just sell.

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