Three Steps to Creating the Perfect Facebook Video Ad

Over recent years, it has become apparent that video marketing really is the biggest of big deals.  In the social media spectrum in particular, it is proving to be quite spectacularly powerful. Research suggests that when compared to static content, the average person stares at video content on Facebook a whopping 500% longer. Which would seem to suggest that if you want to get your message across to your target audience, Facebook video ads really are the way to go.

The only question being – how to make them work?

While the exact content your video shows will vary in accordance with your business area, there are nonetheless a few universal rules to follow. To date, somewhere in the region of three million small and medium-sized businesses have started posting videos on Facebook, giving us all a good idea as to what works and what doesn’t. For the most part, what we have learned is that there is a relatively simple formula for success when it comes to these kinds of marketing materials, which includes no more than three relatively straightforward steps.

…and here they are:

1. Start With the Punchline

If you want your target audience members to watch your video to completion, you need to kick things off with the punchline. With traditional video marketing – television adverts for example – viewers were given no real choice but to watch the whole thing. With social media video content, if you fail to appeal to their two-second immediate attention span, they will simply lose focus and click elsewhere. So rather than following the traditional approach whereby the punchline comes at the end after being built up, you need to do things the opposite way around. Introduce exactly the point/message you want to present right at the beginning, then moving on to the core detail.

2. Tell a Complete Story

Admittedly, you probably don’t have a great deal of time in which to do it, but you nonetheless need to ensure that you tell a complete and concise story. As always, your story needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Generally, this means establishing the need for your product/service, introducing it and proving to the viewer that they need it in their life. You’ll already have hit them with the punchline right at the beginning, so the rest shouldn’t be too difficult to orchestrate.

3. A Clear Call to Action

Last but not least, your Facebook video should always conclude with a call to action which is as clear as it is compelling. In order to do this, you will of course need to have established ahead of time exactly what your primary objective is. If you’re looking to pique their interests, tell them how to find out more. If you are looking to close more sales, tell them to buy right this second or risk living in a state of perpetual regret. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of allowing your video to simply taper off or hit a brick wall at the end, without telling the viewer exactly what they should/must do next.

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