Twitter Looks More Like Facebook Everyday.

Social Media is a fast-paced world. There’s always something new happening around the corner, which is worth keeping your eye on.

The new Twitter redesign has got people talking this week. Not least because it has some striking resemblances to Facebook. In fact it’s hard to tell the difference when you look at the profiles.

There are a few key changes. Not only will it have new profile photos that are larger and customised, but it will also re-order the most popular tweets. Other introductions will be pinned tweets that will allow users to put their favourite tweets at the top of their profile so that followers can see what they are all about.

There will also be Filtered tweets allowing users to choose what they would like to view on others’ profiles: such as tweets, tweets with photos and videos or tweets with replies.
The changes have only been made available to a small list of celebs, but will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Not surprisingly there’s been a few complaints that the new design is more like Facebook, although many users are already enjoying the new format.

Twitter has continued to stay competitive inspite of more visible platforms such as Instagram. This is yet another move forward to assert its place.

We look forward to seeing how it evolves over the next few weeks and how users take to its updates.

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