What’s Hot On Social Media?

Some big changes recently on social media.

We’ve flagged up those most relevant and crucial that we think you should know about.

LinkedIn – Cover Photos

First Facebook, then Twitter, now LinkedIn. Any LinkedIn member can now upload a cover photo. Just make sure you are professional and corporate and simple in your choice and execution.

Instagram – Edit.

Phew! If you post to Instagram and make a mistake or miss something out, you can go back and edit it. Surprised they haven’t had this before, but they are playing catch up a little here. The social network that was too cool to care.

Instagram -Ads.

They are here. And they are in video. Do the community like it? No but it was always going to happen.

LinkedIn – Group Connections Removed.

It’s going to be harder to Connect With Group Members on LinkedIn from here on out. You’ve always had to explain your connections, but it was easy to link up with those you didn’t know through similar shared groups. You could actually select a shared group as a ‘how you know them’ option’. Not any more.

Facebook – No More Organic Post Promotions.

This one has been coming for a while, but is still a shock to the system. They changed their EdgeRank algorithms back in 2013, so the game has been officially changed. From a business perspective it makes a big difference, but Facebook advertising is so targeted that you can really use that now to better advantage and use it to measure it to ensure you’re getting an ROI.

Control What You See In Your Newsfeed.

Unfollow and follow. See and don’t see. You don’t have to view things you don’t want to anymore on Facebook.

New LinkedIn Profile Views Page.

It’s a great tool if you are interested in who has viewed you and why. This new app allows you to see how people have got to you. For example, connecting with new people, adding skills, editing positions and joining new groups. It’s a definite thumbs up from us.

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