Being Bad Is No Longer Good.

Following on from our story the other day about a business abusing its customers in order to get higher rankings in Google, the search engine has worked very quickly to release an update to its algorithm.

Google was so horrified that treating customers in this way made a website more prominent in its listings that its engineers have already released an update that has made an attempt to close down this loophole.  They have not released the specific details of this latest update in an attempt to prevent merchants finding other ways to evade it.

Although Google has been working on “Sentiment Analysis” in order to identify negative reviews it seems that this is not yet a workable solution as it would prevent people finding useful information on people, companies or products that have had negative write ups, for example elected officials.

An option that Google is still considering is to display user ratings as part of the search results.

I think this will happen in the future and although it will not demote the site in the listings, it will give potential customers valuable information about the supplier.

Being bad is no longer good for your business in Google, hopefully other search engines are already taking similar action.

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