Do you find what you need with Google?

Whenever you need something, where do you turn? An obscure question to be answered (What is the name of the lead actor in Hannibal? Why did dinosaurs become extinct?), a supplier to be located, a gift to be sourced. All of these things are now easily available and readily located at your fingertips on a smartphone or tablet device or at the click of a mouse on your PC – but ultimately, they are all found via search engine giant Google. The question is, why are we almost dependent on Google now – and how does that fit in to marketing plans of businesses all over the world?

Google answers questions rapidly

Google satisfies a natural curiosity in us as human beings and an increasing thirst for knowledge. We are now able to ask any question (even the ones we wouldn’t ask our closest friends or our doctor) and find a large amount of viable answers in a matter of seconds. The downside is that data and information is becoming less precious, less sacred – and with virtually anything discoverable on the internet, an increasing number of Google ‘experts’ emerge who haven’t had to work as hard to gain the knowledge they possess than their historic counterparts.

Google rarely fails to produce a result

Google is pretty much a failsafe – it’s rare that you ask Google and find yourself lacking in valid results or relevant information. What’s more, if Google doesn’t produce the exact result you were looking for, it’s likely you haven’t wasted any time in your quest for answers. Think back just one decade ago, where sourcing information meant opening an encyclopaedia, trawling through data or asking another person (once you’d find the right individual to speak to with the knowledge to answer correctly).

Google is a ‘measuring stick’ for popularity and influence

Moving on from the previous point, if you don’t find what you were looking for, then is it worth looking for? Google undeniably raises questions of influence in the minds of users who are used to finding what they want – meaning that in the event they don’t, they question the purpose and the validity of the search in the first place. We have become so used to assuming that Google can answer every query we could ever possibly have – find any product or service we could ever need. So when Google fails, we often question ourselves – not the search engine.

Google represents reliability and trustworthiness

In a similar vein, we have come to trust those that we find on the first page of our Google search. Google’s placement of websites is almost a rubberstamp of validity and quality – the reassurance we need that a website is safe, secure and worth visiting. In basic terms the fight for the top spot is a popularity contest, with those at the bottom left without the exposure or influence they need (or possibly deserve). Yes, a top spot on Google is a sign of good things – but not all businesses at the bottom are poor. Unfortunately, user perception means that these companies will never be located via the search engine – losing out on a massive portion of business those in the know reserve for themselves by appearing on the first page for all their key search terms.

For more on Google’s influence and how you can secure a substantial chunk of your market with the know-how and expertise of internet experts, take a look at our Services page or speak to us today.

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