Google’s influence – what could ignoring it do to your business?

It’s strange to think that even during the age of technology and internet dependence, some businesses still don’t have a website. But whilst you might think you are up there with the rest by having a functioning site for clients to visit, you may not be competing as effectively as you think. If you’re not consistently front of mind when your client comes to make their buying decision, then ultimately your online presence and internet marketing campaigns have failed.

For a website to be fully effective, it needs to satisfy Google as well as your end user. Whilst some businesses don’t buy into this, there are plenty of reasons why ignoring Google could have catastrophic consequences for the success of your online campaign.

Lose out to an unworthy opponent

You believe as a business owner that you offer the best product or service over rival companies. Yet if you don’t convey this to the people who are going to be spending money with you, it’s unlikely that they will make a conscious choice to engage with you over your competitor. Ignoring Google means one thing – your website can’t be found – and if your site can’t be found, neither can any crucial information consumers need to make a decision about your business. When you are invisible clients unwittingly go elsewhere – and they may get a worse deal with an unworthy opponent when they could have had a great experience with your company. A fantastic experience with your company is of course great for them, whilst securing repeat business and positive testimonials for you.

Stunted growth and dwindling profits

Ignoring Google can seriously stunt the future growth of your business – as the internet is now one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow a company and increase customer base, in turn augmenting profits. To be successful online, you have to please Google – there’s no way around it.

Lose clients and repeat business to newcomers

Now consumers subconsciously rate a business based on a number of factors – most of which they find online. Is the business visible? Can it be found? Does your business present well – does it look good? Can the appropriate information be located? Is it easy to interact, to purchase, to contact you? Fall down at any of these hurdles, and you’ll find that however much money you spend on your website, it simply won’t deliver the financial results you have been hoping for. Like any marketing, internet campaigns are based on returns – yet if your site can’t be found, functions badly or doesn’t contain the vital information clients require from it, it’s unlikely to deliver adequate sales to cover your initial investment – as your customers will go elsewhere to a more visible competitor who is shouting louder and satisfying their needs more effectively.

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