How do you know whether your website is Google-friendly?

Most businesses understand that their website can (and should) be a lucrative selling tool which helps them to take things to the next level through introducing new clients and maintaining a relationship with existing customers. Yet one element of online marketing and especially website construction which is often considerably overlooked is the ongoing efficacy of a site – and Google’s role in that. When you’re thinking about improving and refreshing your internet marketing stream the first thing to consider is your website – and whether it is Google-friendly or not. So (aside from Googling the site itself) how do you work out your true value and current position in the online marketplace?

Consider analytics

Google Analytics enable businesses to see precisely how well their site is performing and gives substantial amounts of useful data to help you to understand who is visiting your site and how they experience it. Although there is no specific feedback (negative or positive) you can glean second- hand information from the data – for example, if you get lots of visits but few stray past your homepage, it’s likely that there’s significant room for improvement on the website itself, whilst clearly your SEO is good. Alternatively you may find that you get a few quality visits to the site, where those who do land on it spend a good amount of time (and money) during their stay. Either way your efforts are largely wasted, because the end result (the sale) isn’t met. For a more in-depth evaluation there’s also other detailed reporting software out there which can also give you a detailed and accurate idea of who is visiting your site, when they visit and where they are from.

Think about your sales and where they come from

Analyse your current situation and try to ascertain where your sales come from. It’s useful to start with the enquiry and then work back from where that came from to see how many conversions you have. If you find that predominantly sales are coming from print marketing or word of mouth yet you get very few enquiries through the website you paid a sizeable sum for, then it’s time to consider why that is and how it can be improved to become a viable source of revenue for your business.

Measure engagement

Whatever efforts you may be making to draw clients towards your business and away from competitors, you will need to know how effective they are and how well they are working to help you towards your goal. What you think may be beneficial might actually have the opposite effect on your audience – and for this reason it’s crucial to measure progress and level of engagement accurately – otherwise you don’t know what works and most importantly, what doesn’t. Analytics can only tell you so much about a visitor – namely the numbers of people coming to your site, where they come from and how long they spend with you – so you’ll need to measure how effectively you reach your audience in a different way. If you don’t, you could be wasting time on an expensive campaign which just doesn’t turn your clients on or compel them to interact with your business.

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