How has Google changed the way we purchase?

Buying decisions are based on a number of important factors – price, perceived quality, company reputation and brand popularity to name a few. But the way these things are communicated to consumers has now changed – with many businesses struggling to keep up with new developments and as a result being left behind savvier competitors. Here we take a look at the ways in which the revolution of internet marketing has changed buyer behaviour – and the ways in which businesses can better reach and engage with clients online.

We are impatient

One of the major factors in the downfall of businesses who don’t pay attention to their online presence is their failure to recognise user impatience. If a site fails to load correctly, is slow to respond or doesn’t contain the information consumers need, they leave and move on. The key to retaining visitors is to give them what they want quickly and in a way that they respond to – if you don’t, they’ll find a competitor who does.

We are fickle

When marketing is clever, it takes little time for us to become obsessed with a brand or engaged with a business. Yet it takes equally as little time for us to become disinterested and bored with the same brands – so how do you keep up that engagement and ensure that clients come back to you time and again? The answer lies in content and functionality as well as good SEO – firstly you have to found, then when users visit your site they need to be compelled to stay and then come back.

We are easily swayed by content and brands

Content really does matter – but can be easily overlooked by businesses keen to focus on just having a website who aren’t concerned with what lies within. However it’s this that can make or break the impression a user gets of your business at first glance – so it’s worth your consideration and investment. Poor quality images, plenty of copy which says nothing about you and poor design all contribute to a poor perception of who you are and what you do – so it’s an incredibly important factor to get right.

We want functionality that suits us individually

Big brands plough plenty of money into user-friendly sites which have been tried and tested to be accessible and engaging for a wide variety of users. But even with heavy investment it’s unlikely that you’ll reach everybody in the way that they want to be reached – so you need to consider your target audience and existing clients and work towards what they want to get out of your site and how they want to experience it.

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