How much do consumers rely on Google?

When Google is so prevalent in our daily lives, it’s difficult to see just how much of an impact it has had on the way we carry out everyday activities – and the way in which we do business. But as individuals and as professionals, how much do we really rely on the search engine to carry out daily tasks and run our businesses? With consideration, it’s likely that most of us find Google is an indispensable tool which we use frequently on an hourly basis. Whilst this is interesting and relevant, for businesses it’s more important to consider how the prevalence of Google has influenced buyer decisions and consumer behaviour. This knowledge is crucial – as it enables you to fully see where you are missing information and techniques which could help you to connect better with your target market.

For information

Without Google’s sophisticated knowledge of what’s online and its ability to produce relevant, reliable search results in a matter of seconds, consumers would find it difficult to discover more about the companies they wished to engage with, and would be less exposed to products and services they may fin helpful or beneficial. Product info, directions, company history, testimonials – all contribute towards the eventual decision a user makes to purchase from you. Relevant information is undoubtedly important to the potential and existing clients who visit your site – so bear this in mind when rebuilding or starting up a new business.

Price and value for money

Everyone loves a bargain – and savvy consumers are now much more likely to get the best deal possible thanks to the capabilities of Google. It’s simple and quick to compare the price of identical products across the board – so for those concerned only with cost the cheapest retailer is quickly identifiable. For those who make a more informed buying decision however Google is also on hand to assist, offering relevant information about retailers to enable consumers to estimate the value based on the price offered at other outlets in addition to key information and customer reviews which may compel them to choose one company over another, even if they are a little pricier.

For ease and quickness

It’s undeniable that without Google, making a buying decision and actually making a purchase would be a longer, more complex process. With less than twenty clicks of a mouse you can purchase multiple products – and even have them delivered the very next day. Plus thanks to sophisticated cookies and algorithms Google can suggest and promote products and businesses you may find to be useful or of particular interest based on previous site visits and purchases.

As a business – no matter what you may offer – it’s important to tap into the new way of selection and buying the Google revolution has brought about – because it’s likely that your clients are already sold on this methodology and automatically use Google as an important tool in the purchasing process. If you’re not there when they make that all-important search, you’re inevitably losing out.

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