Preview Search Results Before You Click Them.

Google has recently made several major changes to the way your search results are delivered.

Google Instant was a new way of delivering results as you typed your search terms.  Google has now also launched Instant Preview which provides a visual snapshot of a web page before having to click on it.

Next to your Google search results you will see a magnifying glass.

Clicking on this will enabled Instant Preview and you will be able to see a graphic overview of the web page.  Hovering over other results will then also show you their pages, without having to click on a single link.

The advantage for searchers is that if they are looking for a particular page that they have been to before, it is easy to find the right one if they can see it.  Also Google highlights in the image where individual search terms appear on the page.

What this means for webmasters is that your web pages must look visually pleasing otherwise you risk being overlooked and losing clicks to your website.  Also, because Google highlights the search terms on your page before the user goes there, it is important that the keyword density is correct within the page.  If too few of the keywords are used, not much is going to be highlighted and therefore users may assume the page isn’t as relevant.

This addition to the search results means that people are going to have to spend more time looking at on page optimisation to keep bringing visitors in.

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