The World Of Search: 2010.

At this time of the year Google releases a Zeitgeist to try to sum up the year.

The Zeitgeist shows the changes in search over the year so ignores search terms that are always popular.  This way Google can identify the trends for the year.

Zeitgeist 2010 shows that chatroulette narrowly beat iPad to this year’s fastest growing search, which suggests popularity.  Here in the UK formspring made second place knocking iPad into third.

The fastest falling search term was swine flu, hardly surprising after the furore about it last year.

The fastest rising star of the year worldwide is Justin Bieber, but in the UK Kristian Digby made the top spot following his untimely death in March.  The place name that grew the fastest was Haiti following the earthquake early in the year.

Technology saw Apple at the top with both the iPad and iPhone 4.  In the news section for the UK, predictably the general election came in top.

Zeitgeist gives an interesting view of what was hot and what was not during 2010.

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