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As a company trying to be found within the World Wide Web, how do you get noticed?

How can you be found and appear on page 1 in Google rankings?

Previously it was easier, but the release of the latest algorithms and the way Google is “thinking and reading” the info on the web is different.

Have you noticed if you search for a business that you now get Google maps listings on the page? This is not because of anything you have done or paid for; it is Google choosing. Google decides whether they will list 3, 5, 10 this is called a pack, but most commonly seen is the 7 pack. As more and more listings are being submitted, Google is paying attention to more than where you are and categories, it is paying attention to what others are saying.


Getting your customers and clients to write reviews about you is now a necessity, unfortunately you, have no control over what people write, but you do have control over your response and what you do about the reviews. You need to contact your customers and ask them to write a REAL, not fake review. Directly contact your top key customers/ clients who you feel would be happy to do this and ask them to go to your Google maps listings page and write a review

Good Reviews = Higher rankings

Wachs Siegel Daumen

At Search and More our website management service will ensure that we are listening to what is happening within Google and ways can we help you rank higher?

A few tips that may have a negative effect on your rankings.

  • Having multiple addresses on your contact page, make sure the address matches Google Maps.
  • Negative ratings and negative reviews, you can’t remove these but can listen to what’s being said and bury them with good ratings and good reviews.
  • Multiple listing with the same business name, (e.g. a franchise) identify each with the location.
  • Multiple listing with the same address and telephone number.

We can work with your to make sure you compete on line and not just have a website that is sitting motionless in the shadows. Google is complicated and more advanced than you can ever comprehend; Google wants people to rank fairly. We want to help you get the best out of your web presence.

For more information, call us on 0161 669 5544.

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