Wearables – Dead Before Even Getting Started?

One of the questions so many web marketing agencies are asking right now is that of whether or not it makes any real sense to focus time, effort and money on wearables. The simple fact of the matter is that as far as consumer technology pundits are concerned, wearable tech is going to be an extremely big deal going forward. The problem being that it really isn’t a big deal right now, meaning that any efforts focused on wearables may not come to any kind of fruition for some time.

Why? Well, it all comes down to the fact that the user experience delivered by the average wearable is negligible to say the least – coupled with the fact that nobody really needs them. They can be extremely impressive gadgets and cool toys to say the least, but for the time being the average wearable doesn’t do anything whatsoever that the average smartphone or tablet PC can’t do better.

Some had predicted that by this point in time, wearables would have well and truly taken over. But when you take a look at the hard facts, the reality of things really couldn’t be more different.

First of all, the Apple Watch is leading the charge for wearable technology on a global basis, but even the prestigious Apple wearable is not selling particularly well. It has already stopped being something of a status symbol flaunted by celebrities and famous faces – most of whom found out the hard way that it can be frustrating as hell to use. It needs to be charged once a day, it has an absolutely tiny screen and it is 99% useless unless you have a relatively recent iPhone. Long story short therefore, not a huge success story.

And given the fact that this is the undisputed heavyweight and market leader, it doesn’t exactly paint a very positive picture for the rest of the smartwatch market.

You really only have to look at the program at Mobile World Congress 2016 a few weeks ago to see exactly what the world’s biggest consumer technology brands think about wearable technology. It’s not that it was totally absent from the event, but it is absolutely not a priority for largely any big name tech brand out there. And if it isn’t a priority, this in turn means that something else is a priority and therefore remains the most important focus for marketers.

So for the time being at least, focusing any real efforts on appealing to the wearables market isn’t necessarily the best way to go. Unless, of course, these are specifically the individuals you want or need to target.

Going forward, things could be considerably different as most reviewers and commentators believe that wearable technology will eventually gain traction. It’s just the way things are at the moment, it’s all a little too rudimentary and optional to be of any real interest to the masses. If anything, making the switch to wearable technology as it stands today can actually make things more complicated than they already are.

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