5 tips to help you make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still misunderstood and underused by many business owners – yet an equal number cite it as their main source of income. So how can you use it to your advantage without dedicating hours of your time each week? Here we explain how with five simple steps you could be making more money online through your LinkedIn profile.

Invest in a professional headshot

The image you provide on LinkedIn is one of the very first things people see when they find you in a search or click on your profile – so you’ll need to make sure it’s a good one. Remember, this is very much like the first impression you’d make in person – and you may not get an opportunity to rectify it. Speak to a professional photographer about getting headshots taken – and other photos too, as these can then be used across a number of online platforms to enhance the appearance of your business.

Publish blogs, commentary and social media posts daily

Make sure you have something to say of note each day – whether it’s a personal anecdote, a comment on some current affairs associated with your industry, or a link to a blog or article you have written or particularly like. This keeps you front of mind as an ‘active’ user, someone with authority your contacts can depend on to deliver quickly should they decide they need to use your services.

Show your support and share

We all know that it’s nice to receive a like or share online – and instantly, we look to see who has shown an interest in our content. This is why sharing posts online, liking and leaving genuine comments leads to increased social media engagement and exposure for your company. Handpick your shares, making sure they are good quality and reflect the nature of your own business. Throw in a few from organisations you’d love to work with, as this can be a covert way to get noticed.

Continuously review your credentials

For many on LinkedIn, a solid few years as a business owner or occupant of one specific position means there’s nothing more to say in terms of qualification and experience. Yet networkers online want to see evidence of continuous professional development – a sign that you are constantly improving and developing within your industry. Make sure you add small achievements and milestones, however small, on a quarterly basis.

Cull useless contacts

LinkedIn works best when you are choosy about who you connect with, in order to build a solid, productive set of followers who all present some value to you, as suppliers or as potential customers. Carefully consider requests that come your way, and indulge in a 6-monthly cull of contacts if you feel you’ve been too generous and often see posts in your feed that simply don’t relate to you.

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