Endorsements Or Recommendations.

Does anyone really know what is better to have on their LinkedIn Profile? Recommendation or endorsement? My thinking is… why not have both.

One way ensure you are getting the most out the personal advert that is LInkedin is to include endorsements and recommendations.Tell everyone about what you can do and quickly ignore those things that you can.I’ve always been a fan of Including endorsements and recommendations in your Profile simply because there is no better way to showcase the skills and experiences you’ve listed. It’s a sure fire way to catch the attention of other professionals.

If you can highlight the skills and strengths you’re proudest of, then what’s not to like?

You can do the same for recommendations. And there’s also a management page designed to make it easier to manage your recommendations and recommendations requests. Not only that but you can reorder your recommendations – so that the best are at the top. Always handy. If you don’t already know the differences and advantages, here’s a quick recap:


The best endorsements are those that are from existing colleagues. They will go a long way in help you establish your professional identity. They are gold dust to a recruiter – more than having a friend endorsement for example. And that’s why you need to highlight the most relevant.


These are going to be more about experience. Let them do the talking for you. You want other people to say what you want them to. Hopefully it will give examples about how you work in certain situations. Whether you are a good leader or team member. That will be a key point for those recruiting. All you can do is point to the people who will provide the best recommendations for you.

If anything is going to open up opportunity it’s getting your endorsements and recommendations sorted on Linkedin. They will make you visible, give you weight. Ask for recommendations. And repay the favour to others to build some good will.

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