Take Control Of Your LinkedIn.

Everytime we think about what is going on for us and our business or us personally on social it’s really all about control and how we do that to our best advantage.

Here’s a few practical tips to help you be more secure and in control of your information on LinkedIn.

Customise your URL.

It’s a great way to personalise things. You can do this in the Profile on LinkedIn. Go to Edit Profile and then just edit the web address below your photo.

Don’t Broadcast The Past.

This is actually a really top tip when you are looking to live in the present as a professional and want to hide past jobs. LinkedIn notifies your contacts when you make changes to your details. And that can be fantastic, but if you want to add experiences and contacts that you don’t want people to be notified of – IE you want it to appear that it has always been there – then you need to take control of your setting. Click in the top right hand corner, of your profile and click ‘Review’ privacy & settings, then ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’.

Be Invisible.

Do you want people to know when you look at their profile? Well to put a stop to this happening, just hover again over your profile picture in the top right hand corner, click ‘Review’ privacy & settings, and then ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile’. If you want to be invisible then you can be. However, be aware that you then don’t get info when people look at you. TOP TIP: You could always sign out of LinkedIn to view other people without them knowing.

Sell yourself.

LinkedIn does allow you to make sure that people see what you want them too first. They don’t have to know where you went to school for example. You can just use the black up and down arrows when you edit your profile in the middle of the screen.

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