The Five Things Every Press Release Must Feature

The power of the Press Release is well-known and well-documented to say the least. Even in the face of so many extraordinarily advanced and technical approaches to marketing, a quality press release has the potential to deliver a powerful message to a targeted audience like nothing else. Of course, the actual impact and value of any given press release will be determined by its content – most tending to fall extremely short of the mark.

So for those looking to ensure that their own press release efforts deliver the most invaluable possible returns, here is a quick rundown of the five things every press release should feature:

1 – An Engaging Story

First of all, the most common reason for Press Releases failing in their objectives is the absence of a compelling story. What you have to remember is that while the launch of your new product or service might be a very big deal to you, there’s a chance outsiders won’t be particularly interested in it at all. You need to think about the kind of content and story that will resonate with your readers, thinking carefully about the story you want to tell. Ideally, the content of your press release should appeal to your target audience, those within your industry and the media alike.

2 – A Powerful Headline

Given the fact that quite literally thousands of Press Releases fly out from all corners every day, standing out and being noticed by the right people is anything but easy. It is the contents of your Press Release that will sell whatever it is you are selling, but you first need to grab the attention of your target audience in the first place. Headlines need to be eye-catching, concise, creative and the exact opposite of clickbait. It’s a tricky balancing act to pull off, but one that is of crucial importance.

3 – Quotations

It is also important to ensure that the Press Release features at least a couple of meaningful and relevant quotations from senior figures at the company. Press Releases are as standard written from a third person perspective, but it can add serious weight and appeal to the document if it features first person information and quotations. It’s simply a case of letting the reader hear the voice of the company directly, rather than via a third-party.

4 – Useful Contact Information

It is of course of the utmost importance to list full contact information covering a wide variety of channels. From e-mail to telephone numbers to social media and so on, you need to make it as easy as possible for those wishing to get in touch with you. However, even more important than this is ensuring that the contact information you provide represents contact information that will offer those getting in touch the fastest and highest-quality response possible.

5 – Distribution Strategy

Last but not least, while it isn’t strictly an element of the Press Release’s content, there is really nothing more important than utilising the most appropriate distribution strategy. It often seems like the best idea is simply to get it out to as many media sources and distributors as possible, which can sometimes be a sensible idea. Nevertheless, it is equally important to think about carefully targeting your efforts to ensure that those your Press Release is exposed to have an interest in what it is you have to say. Or in other words, quality is often more important than quantity.

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