Twitter Has Grown More Rapidly Than Expected.

Twitter value soars by $4 million dollars.

The resurgence of Twitter is set to continue according to recent reports by SharesPost, a secondary market for buying and selling privately-held stock. Latest estimates value the company at $4billion. That’s an increase of $300,000 in just under a month after the social media company raised $200 million dollars in additional funding.

TwitterKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers led Twitter’s most recent round of funding and estimated the company’s worth at that time to be $3.7 billion. However, because of large-scale activity on the secondary buying market, its value has risen. It appears that Twitter’s market capitalisation is set to continue growing. Following several recent stock purchases on the private markets, Twitter is now estimated to be valued at over $6 billion: this value is by no means set in stone, but the recent activity and interest in the growing company tends to indicate that the trend will continue as more and more secondary investment occurs.

Twitter has grown more rapidly than expected, even though the worldwide interest in social media has mushroomed.

Having said that Twitter still has some way to go before it can begin to lay claim to Facebook’s crown. Facebook is undeniably the king of the social media. Following its most recent funding round, its value is estimated to stand around $50 billion, though the secondary markets is puts it nearer $75 billion. Way to go Twitter, as they say.

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