5 simple tips for optimising Twitter for better SEO

There was a time not that long ago when search and social media marketing were very different entities. You either specialised in one, or you opted for the other. How times have changed. Now the two marketing strategies sit hand in hand. The likes of Twitter and Facebook are now mainstream and attract huge audiences. So it was hardly surprising when Google announced it was going to take tweeting seriously. In an agreement signed with Twitter Google was grated full access to the microblogging website stream, and as a result tweets started to appear in Google’s search results.

The fact that tweets can now appear in the world’s largest search engine must surely be good news for businesses shouldn’t it? Well, yes, it is, but there’s an obvious problem. The new interrelationship between Twitter and Google will only be advantageous to a business if its Twitter account is optimised for SEO. If the Twitter presence is not optimised it will fail to resonate, drive social engagement and improve a business’ ranking on Google. So, how do businesses optimise their Twitter presence for SEO? Well, by simply following these simple tips.

Optimise your username

If you want to make a bigger impact on Twitter, then you need to optimise your username. Why’s this important? Well, your username will be a major determinant in whether people choose to follow you or not. It can also give your account credibility. If you can’t attract people to follow you by using a catchy and memorable name, then you won’t get the chance to engage. So choose the name carefully. Avoid using numbers if you can. They look odd and unprofessional, and can also appear spammy. The best bet is to opt for short and simple names: these are easier to remember, and more importantly, more retweetable.

Concentrate on your bio

Why are bios important? Well, because they tell the world who you are what you do, and they are frequently used as meta descriptions in search results. You don’t get much space, but 160 characters is significantly more than the 140 characters given to normal tweets. So make the most of the extra leverage to maximise your opportunity. Include hashtags and links in your bio to enhance your visibility and leverage your business.

Try to get more followers

The best way to getting more authority on Twitter and gaining more influence is by getting more followers. The more followers you have; the better your chances of having one of your tweets retweeted or favourited. You don’t have to anything underhand or dodgy to attract more followers: simply post valuable information that users will want to share. Post several times a day if you feel the need to share a link, but make sure that you use a different headline each time you do. Keep up with the influencers in your sphere. Follow them and retweet their posts regularly. This will increase your chances of building your own audience and hopefully encourage the influencers to follow and retweet your posts too.

Optimise your tweets

By ensuring you tweets are optimised you will achieve more visibility and increase the chances of your tweet being retweeted. The more retweets you receive the greater your credibility on the platform. Although you have a maximum of 140 characters to play with, don’t see that figure as a target you have to hit each time you post. Leave room for your followers to retweet your posts adding their ‘RT@username’. If you’re sharing a link and want to add some catchy words to accompany the link it’s advisable to use a URL shortener. To increase your business’ exposure on the platform and to improve local SEO, add your location and hashtags to your tweets. Add an image if it’s appropriate, and check your analytics for better insights into your followers.

Always link your tweets to your website

Whether you’re writing on your website or your Twitter account, always add a link. Place a Twitter widget at the footer or sidebar of your website. This will attract more visitors to your website, increase your following on Twitter and result in a higher search engine rankings.

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