6 Tips for Building A More Effective Business Twitter Presence.

Does your business have a presence on Twitter? No?

Then you could be making a big mistake.

Twitter has become an essential piece in the business branding jigsaw.

Twitter is undoubtedly the go-to social media platform for millions of users globally for breaking news, videos, blogs, and snippets of information delivered in real-time. So it’s vital that every business with a content marketing strategy should be using Twitter to tweet out company content regularly and engage with its followers.

But how do you develop a following on this micro-blogging social network? Well, put simply, you have to work at it. It won’t happen miraculously overnight unless you put in the effort and the hard work. You can have a fantastic catalogue of content to share, but unless you can build genuine and meaningful engagement with your brand you’re going to struggle developing a large following.

So, here are a few ideas that might help you kick start the process.

If you want to expand your influence on Twitter you’ll need to think and act strategically. Try creating a list of influential businesses and individuals within your niche industry. Once you’ve identified the ones you are interested in, follow them and their followers. Engage with them and retweet and favourite their posts regularly.

How do you identify the influencers in your field? Well, if you click on relevant industry hashtags you’ll find the people you’re looking for. The people who tweet most often with hashtags that are trending are the ones with the most engaged users. These are the ones you want to follow your brand.

Not every user you’d ideally like to follow you will do so, so you’ll have to give them good reason to do so. If you can produce and create a compelling profile your chances of being followed back will be increased.

It’s important to remember that Twitter places restrictions on the follower/ followers ratio balance.

That is to say if you follow more than you are followed, then Twitter will potentially penalise you. So make sure you have an ‘unfollower app’. This allows you to cull those accounts which don’t follow you back, making room for new people in your network that want to engage with your brand.

Add a “follow us on Twitter” button to all company correspondence, emails, brochures, blog posts, and newsletters. Make sure that the Twitter follow button is also prominently displayed on your website, not hidden in some obscure corner where it can’t be seen easily.

If you want to take it a step further, add a live Twitter feed to your website showing your latest Tweets.

If you are in a position to, consider devoting a portion of your monthly advertising budget to promote your top Tweets. Promoted tweets are paid tweets that enable you to take your tweets to new audiences using keywords, geographical location, and demographics.

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