Tapping Into Twitter to Boost Your Brand’s Prowess

To say that social media has brought about an online marketing revolution would be something of an understatement. Quite simply, never in the history of business has there been anything quite like social media when it comes to the ways and means by which businesses are able to not only reach out to their target markets, but genuinely engage and interact with audience members.

Of course the only problem from a 2015 perspective is the way in which social media is so popular among businesses that standing out for all the right reasons is tricky to say the least. Unsurprisingly, Facebook still tends to be the number one priority and focus for most businesses, with Twitter generally taking a back seat in second place. Nevertheless, if approached appropriately it is perfectly possible to use Twitter to boost your brand’s prowess in a big way – and all without having to invest heavily by way of time, effort or finances.

Ensure Your Profile Is Consistent with Your Brand

For example, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the Twitter profile you set up is in fact consistent with the image of your brand in general. This means the most obvious yet important touches like prominent use of your brand logo, your colour scheme or really anything else that is immediately recognisable as you and you alone. And when you have built a profile that reflects your brand as it should, don’t fall into the bad habit of changing it or modifying it too often as it needs to be constant and consistent with new and repeat visitors alike.

Get Busy With the Following

The most important golden rule when it comes to success on Twitter in a business sense is simple – don’t just sit around and expect them to come to you. Regardless of what line of business you are in, you will find hundreds, perhaps even thousands of other organisations, brands and indeed individuals who are in the same line of work as you or share your interests and passions. As such, you need to be as productive as possible when it comes to not only building an extensive list of other accounts to follow, but getting well and truly busy with interactions.

Track Engagement and Hashtags

There are basically two ways of approaching Twitter as a business. The first and most common approach is to do what you do, have an occasional visual glance over things and see what’s what. The second approach…which also happens to be the rarer of the two and the most beneficial…is that of using as many tools as necessary to track and monitor any and all Twitter activity that includes any mention of your brand or business name.

Be Quick, Be Keen

Last but not least, it’s a point that blurs into the two points mentioned prior but it is nonetheless crucial to acknowledge and understand the importance of engaging with your audience quickly and enthusiastically. What has to be remembered is that the very nature of Twitter is such that its tens of millions of users tend to say things on the spur of the moment and often within even a few hours will no longer be interested in what it was they were talking about earlier. As such, when and where there is a conversation to dive into or any opportunity for engagement or reputation enhancement, it needs to be taken immediately and with genuine gusto.

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