How Twitter Can Help Any Modern Business.

There’s been so much talk about Twitter for business use over recent years that the subject as a whole has become at least moderately cliché.

Many brands are sick and tired of being told how they need to get involved with social media – so much so that some have begun deliberately staving off the idea out of pure stubbornness.

Unfortunately, and for a great many reasons, any business that chooses to overlook the power of Twitter is doing little other than shooting itself in the foot.

For a multitude of reasons, Twitter should be brought into the marketing strategies of any business genuinely looking to both survive and prosper in such a competitive time.

It’s No Fad.

For one thing, to assume Twitter is just a fad is misguided to say the least. Will it still be the biggest thing on the web in 25 years? Nobody can say for sure, but what can be said with rock-solid certainty is that for the next decade or so at least, Twitter is here to stay. Naysayers may cast their own doubts on the whole social media idea in general, but having only just become a part of the world’s population’s everyday life on mobiles, tablets and other such devices, for the time being Twitter is far from a fad.


In relation to the above point, Twitter is now something of a standard feature on hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices the world over – and that’s aside from those using Twitter on standard PCs and laptops. In terms of exposure therefore, any brand that manages to get it right with Twitter has within its reach a global audience the size and scope of which is simply off the scale.

Viral Marketing.

Twitter also holds extraordinary potential for those with a knack for viral marketing. If you can come up with something that’s share-worthy, there’s every chance it will be shared, shared and shared again amongst any number of people – marketing that’s not only epically powerful, but also practically free. No other platform on Earth holds so much viral marketing potential as Twitter.


These days, it’s not enough for a brand to be on one side of the brick wall and the consumer on the other. Instead, these walls need to be smashed in order to make way for comprehensive interaction and removal of the business-customer divide. Easier said than done, but this is precisely what Twitter exists for. Used correctly, Twitter encourages interaction and engagement among consumers the likes of which would otherwise be impossible. And just as soon as real engagement happens, a meaningful and valuable bond is built between the two parties.


And finally, Twitter may be considered cliché in some circles but at the same time it’s becoming more and more difficult to be taken seriously without it. When a business doesn’t operate any kind of social media presence – be it Facebook, Twitter or anything else – it immediately comes over as behind the times and something of a relic. So, regardless of personal standpoints on the subject, to maintain an active presence on Twitter is to ensure the business remains current, respected and therefore viable going forward.

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