Twitter Welcomes In New Year With New Record.

Twitter has welcomed in 2011 with a new all-time record in the number of tweets per second.

At four seconds after midnight in Japan, Twitterers around the World sent a staggering 6,939 tweets per second.  The new record is more than double the previous one of 3,283 tweets per second, again set during an event in Japan, during their victory over Denmark in the World Cup.

It wasn’t just Japan who used Twitter to contact friends and in a blog post about the new record Twitter also shared an interesting video showing Twitter activity as the New Year was celebrated around the world.  The video uses circles to visualise tweets been sent, with larger circles representing a higher number of tweets being sent.

Facebook also announced that over the New Year weekend a record 750 million photos were uploaded to its website.  Ironically Facebook chose to tweet this announcement rather than post it on its own blog.

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