2014 LinkedIn: What A Year.

2014 has been something of a milestone for LinkedIn.

So much has changed on the social landscape, but at the same time many platforms have been consolidating their position and the business community, job seekers, recruiters and professional networkers have left us in no doubt of one thing – LinkedIn is the platform they prefer to do business on and through.

The Key To Linked In Business Success.

Shame on you if you haven’t updated Your Company Page ion 2014. There’s no time like the present. After that, there are two things I think you need to ensure you have Business Success on LinkedIn. One is a LinkedIn Strategy. Something that allows you to get the most out of it. And the other is to Build On What You Have. And that is about buildling your network and increasing opportunities with everyone from customers, clients, vendors, peers, potential job candidates and even your own employees.

Rules To Creating a Successful LinkedIn Profile.

It’s not easy to stand out in a crowd. Especially one that has seen the growth and popularity that LinkedIn has. So it’s important to know if you are doing everything that you can to get noticed. Understanding how to make the most of your profile is a good start.

LinkedIn Blogs: 5 Dos & Don’ts.

One thing we will be seeing more of in the future is LinkedIn blogs. As it expands in 2015, it will allow us all to offer career advice and industry news. It’s another social media business opportunity. Somewhere you need to write about what you know, share the challenges you faced, opportunities you seized, and important trends in your industry so that your knowledge will come across.

Take Control of Your LinkedIn.

The clearest message for 2014 that’s echoed time and time again is really about taking control of the LinkedIn platform. Things like customising your URL, hiding parts of your profile that aren’t relevant. Knowing how to be invisible and how to sell yourself.

LinkedIn – Real Social Power.

It might be the sensible big brother of the social world, but LinkedIn offers an opportunity to move on. It’s a place that knows exactly what it says on the tin and steers away from distracting videos and visuals. It’s somewhere that allows you to stand out because of you and strengthen connections. It’s not on trend so to speak, but it’s focused and will give you exactly what you want for career and business purposes. It’s where real social power is.

Roll on 2015…

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