3 top tips for better marketing videos

If you want to get ahead of your competitors on social media these days, you’re going to have to incorporate video into your content marketing. There’s nothing wrong with text-based content per se, but video says so much more, and says it all much more succinctly. Who needs a thousand words when you strike the right chord with your target audience quickly and efficiently with a well-produced video?

Every day 100 million internet users watch at least one video online. What’s more 90 per cent of online shoppers happily report that video demonstrations/reviews helped inform their purchasing choices. Add to that the fact that 64 per cent of users are reported to buy from e-commerce stores after watching a video, and the fact that video views are increasing exponentially and you can easily understand why it’s so important.

Facebook and Twitter have already bought into video in a big way.  Facebook has made no secret of the fact that its platform considers video to be paramount for the future of social media. Twitter, too, has got in on the act, making it easier than ever to use video, with native mobile upload, embeddable video, and the acquisition of Periscope to take a swing at live streaming. Video-focused content is here to stay. The challenge for businesses is to embrace the change and make it work for them.

So if you want to make an impact, spread brand awareness, reach new potential customers, or inform and inspire a whole new audience, then you’re going have to bite the bullet and make a video. But how do you do it well? How do deliver the right message and stand out from the crowd in an already-crowded market? Well, hopefully these simple tips might help.

Get the script right before you start to shoot

The script is crucial to the success of any marketing video. It has to be honed to perfection to fully deliver. The point of the video is to tell a coherent story that viewers can relate to. There has to be a point to the video, whether it’s explaining a product or offering an insight into your brand, and it has to be engaging and informative.

Don’t be afraid to be creative, so long as that doesn’t detract from what you’re offering, and remember to let your personality shine through. You might be trying to sell a brand to potential customers, but a brand is only a sum of its parts; it includes all the people behind the scenes who help to make the products, and all the customers who buy and use the brand loyally. If you think your video message is better served by including all of these people, then use them, but make sure what your film is properly scripted.

Video: the 4 key elements

The trick to delivering the perfect video is say what you have to say quickly. Audiences have limited attention spans, so if you don’t get to the point quickly, you’ll lose them. Your video should avoid a long-winded explanation about who you are and what you do: people can read that for themselves on your website. Your video should act like a magnet, drawing people in and keeping them attracted and interested.

Every successful marketing video uses the same 4 key elements, and it’s these you need to focus on: problem, answer, reason and action:

  • What problem is the viewer facing?
  • How can your business’ product help to solve this problem?
  • Why your product is the one and only product that can address and solve the problem?
  • The call to action – what potential customers need to do next?

Concentrate on the benefits of your product to users, not its features

Whilst the technical specifications of your product might be incredible, people aren’t necessarily interested in all that geeky stuff. What they want to know is how it will help them solve their problem? Will it make their life easier? Will it add value to their life? So tell them the answers quickly and succinctly. If they want to bone up on all the technical stuff they can do that later. Concentrate on how much better their lives will be if they use your product.

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