Incorporating online video into your marketing campaign

As consumers we’re now exposed to a variety of different media online. Not all of it is designed to sell – but increasingly we find ourselves engaging with visual and video content on a regular basis via social media and YouTube. This is an important phenomenon for businesses to understand and get on board with. Video is rapidly becoming a powerful marketing tool online – across a variety of platforms. So if video is now an essential aspect of any business’ marketing strategy, how can you incorporate it with ease (and success)?

The rise and rise of online video marketing

As social platforms have incorporated video seamlessly into their interfaces, it has rapidly become prolific and popular, overtaking standard visual content. It’s easy to see why – as a multi-sensory medium information delivered by video is easier to digest – and retain. By the end of 2017 video content will represent a massive 74% of internet traffic. This means that if you’re not incorporating video into your marketing strategy, even in a small way, you’re missing out on a large portion of your target market’s attention.

Why is video so important?

As mentioned above, video effortlessly shares information that wouldn’t necessarily be engaged with or retained by consumers had they read it, or viewed it on a static image. Because of the versatility and nature of video you can clearly share values, demonstrate products, and provoke an emotional or physical response.

Easily incorporate video into your marketing strategy

On the outset creating and sharing video content may seem like a daunting prospect – but it doesn’t have to be. The ideal solution is to enlist support from a professional production company – but this can be costly. Instead consider assigning tasks to staff with relevant skills, or learning a little about video yourself before investing in the equipment you’ll need. Before starting it’s important to note that you’ll need to adapt the edit and/or nature of your video to suit the platform it’ll be shared upon. The video is only going to work if it’s relevant both to your audience and its context.

Live videos are also working well for businesses – and these can only be shot on a smartphone or tablet device. With live videos you’ll need to take some time to prepare your approach before diving in, as whilst the charm of live is its ‘ad-hoc’ presentation, it’ll still need to be fairly polished to attract a positive result.

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