Measuring video performance

Videos are a highly effective marketing tool – as explained in our previous blogs in this series. But as a medium, it can only be effective and financially beneficial if you are able to measure the results you obtain from it. Like any type of marketing, measurability, monitoring and tweaking are key – but luckily video is easy to assess and analyse. Here we explain why analytics are key – and how you can use them to your advantage when marketing with video online.

Video comes with incredibly useful analytics

Unlike text or purely visual content, video by nature can deliver a whole host of analytical data businesses can use to their advantage. Because it is actively engaged with as it is watched, website software (which differs in detail depending on the platform) can determine how long the individual played the video, whether they played it again, and whether they took action afterwards. Whilst it can’t exactly measure an emotional response, multiple full duration plays and share counts certainly help businesses to learn exactly what works, and what doesn’t.

Reading analytics to your advantage

Interpreting analytics in a productive manner is key to the future success of your video campaigns. How you’ll interpret analytics will depend on where you are reading them, the information you receive and your objectives. The information available (and its presentation) comes in differing formats on each channel. Take for example Wistia. They share ‘heat maps’ – indicating which areas of a video were watched the most. YouTube by comparison shows you where viewers dropped off, or simply how many times they watched. On social media analytics tend to be less in-depth, but even when they are superficial, they are still important. Knowing how many times a video watched is useful – and you can also glean more specific feedback from comments and likes.

The best approach when trying to determine how effective a video has been is to use a blend of analytics across the board – and include an external method of actually measuring how many positive results it has produced. This could mean featuring a website link or even phone number throughout (or accompanying the video if posted on social media) – a call to action or specific outcome. This way you can measure traffic driven back to the website via the link, and then look deeper to see how much of it has been translated into enquiries and sales.

Testing and progress

Why not accurately test what works and what doesn’t with an A/B format assessment? Produce two videos to promote the exact same product or service – same purpose, a different method of delivery. Concentrate on two formats you feel could really work. Then share them both to two groups occupying exactly the same demographic. Use analytics to determine how each has been received – and how the receptions differ, if at all. You won’t always see standout results from this method – sometimes, both videos will perform equally as well (which of course if a positive thing). At other times you’ll clearly be able to see where engagement differs and be able to pick one particular type of delivery to pursue in the future. You can also use this method to test out the efficiency of different social media platforms and even timings.

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