Can Video Advertising Give Your Business That Extra Competitive Edge?

If you’ve never heard of YouTube, then you must’ve been locked away in a very dark place indeed for the last couple of years. YouTube is the premier video-sharing network on the internet. To say it’s big is probably something of an understatement: 35 hours worth of video are currently uploaded worldwide every 60 seconds. Now imagine that in real and more measurable terms – according to internet analysts, Memeburn, YouTube has more content uploaded in 60 days than the three major U.S TV networks can create in 60 years. Now that might all sound great, but what does it mean to business? How and why can uploaded video material make any difference to the success or otherwise of your business? Well, hopefully by the end of the article you might understand.

Using You Tube to help build your brand

YouTube advertising works in a number of different ways, but for the sake of argument let’s just say that there are eight different kinds of adverts you can purchase on YouTube. The most significant of which are promoted videos, which you can have featured in similar ways to Twitter, Partner watch, which is where the majority of advertisers place their ads and which receive high click through rates and brand channels where business and individuals who want to advertise but keep their brand’s integrity intact tend to go to.

So that’s the gist of YouTube, but how can it help businesses? Well, there are numerous ways it can help you market your business and your products. It’s no different in many ways to other forms of online internet marketing, but being visual it tends to translate easier and crosses language and cultural boundaries. So, how do businesses make the best use of the medium?

The obvious point to make first of all is that your business needs to know that the audience you’re targeting is watching YouTube, and secondly that that they will want to watch your content if they are signed up. To establish whether they will buy into what you’re giving them, you’ll need to know everything about your target audience: what they like, what they detest, what’s likely to interest them and what will turn them off completely. You’ll want to ensure that your brand or product attracts the right kind of audience or it could prove to be a waste of time and effort on your part.

When you upload your content it will need to informative, and more importantly compelling, otherwise no-one will watch it. The best way to ensure a maximum return on video sharing on the channel is to use a combination of each of the advertising areas outlined above. After all your business is looking for the greatest exposure it can muster. What’s often overlooked is that YouTube sharing ranks well in the search engines. Why wouldn’t it when you think about it? Google does now own it after all. If you can share video content that has a direct correlation with your keywords, then the chances are your brand will fare well, particularly if the audience is looking for the products and services you’re offering.

The great benefit of video advertising is that it is a powerful medium, and is more readily accepted by audiences than text alone. Yes, it may be a cliché, but pictures are better at conveying messages. They are easier to understand as a concept and can be made to be far more memorable and unique. This is what you’ll want for your brand: content that the viewers embrace and will want to share with their peers.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that video sharing has made traditional search and SEO redundant, but this couldn’t be wider of the mark if it tried. Online advertising is a very broad church in which there is plenty of room for all. All that businesses should remember is that digital marketing is growing quickly and will become more and more influential. As the world becomes increasingly connected, digital will ensure that your business is able to reach out and stay connected with your audience.

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