Able 2

Goal and desired outcome: Search and More were asked to help them create a cross platform process for creating and organising pharmaceutical conference events. Able 2 wanted their users to be able to quickly create a conference event, using predefined modules, and for their clients to be able to learn about upcoming events, and sign up to them through a simple mobile app.

Process: Able 2 needed a simple, effective planning system. The interface needed to be user friendly and have an uncomplicated method for adding the appropriate modules for each conference event. Search and more created a dedicated content management system to handle the information needed to create bespoke conferences for Able 2’s customers. Search and More delivered a cross platform app that receives details of each new conference. Event details appear in the app newsfeed, allowing users to sign up for conferences quickly and easily, without being encumbered with a long, form-filling process.

End result: By working closely with the client, Search and More were able to deliver the perfect, bespoke platform for Able 2 to continue to deliver high quality conference events for their clients. By focussing on the user experience, Search and More created a simple, efficient, streamlined system that delivered a quick and effective result for organisers and attendees.