Harold Stock portfolio

Goals and desired outcome: The previous site wasn’t working for Harold Stock – and the company didn’t buy into website and social media policies which kept online client engagement at low levels. The website needed to perform more efficiently and drive business with genuine hits and social interaction across multiple platforms.

Process: We firstly assessed the company’s current branding, their positioning in the market and the areas they covered, then worked to improve the crucial elements of their presence online to significantly raise visitor levels and engagement. New design concepts were introduced and we worked to make the site user and Google friendly to boost SEO and reach clients more effectively.

End results: Harold Stock have now been a client for over three years, and visitors to the company website have increased from around 400 per month to over 2,500 per month – a significant rise which has been highly beneficial for the business. We write relevant and topical weekly blogs to increase social following, leading to a highly successful Facebook page. Now the office manager is more involved with the company’s social media, and as a result of this combined effort they have also seen an increased following on Twitter and Facebook as well as better engagement on the key partners’ LinkedIn profiles, as they now promote the business and its services. In 2016 we launched the company’s new website, with the new branding taken through into a company brochure (also designed by Search and More).

View the Harold Stock & Co website here.