Goal and desired outcome: Kingston Cabinets first approached us requesting social media assistance for a local trade show expedition. With great determination we then took control of the Kingston Cabinets social profiles as a way of getting involved in the trade show and to generate interest in their available products. This worked wonders for Kingston and eventually led to them asking us if we could design them a new responsive website.

Process: After a long period of research, planning and preparation we eventually created the perfect website for Kingston Cabinets. The new website is not only responsive across all devices but additionally promotes Kingston’s new range of furniture products for living rooms and bedrooms which the old website did not.

End result: The new website is search engine friendly, each page has been optimised in relation to Kingston’s keywords and each page from the old website has been correctly and professionally redirected to the new website; ensuring no content or links have been lost. The overall look and design is in perfect correlation with Kingston Cabinets style, themes and message; likely to attract their target audience.

Feel free to have a look at the new Kingston Cabinets website here.