Goal and desired outcome: Macclesfield Rugby Club has always been a location of interest for our internet marketing team, whether it is for social functions and parties or supporting the local team in a match on a Saturday afternoon. The club came to us in need of raising awareness of the teams as well as promotion of the club events and lunches.

Process: After speaking to the club representatives, we designed the Macclesfield Rugby Club website adapting various contemporary features such as a burger bar and parallax scrolling features. Additionally, we are in charge of the website maintenance which involves various tasks such as updating the team’s game results and fixtures on a weekly basis. This package also involves internet marketing on behalf of the club; sending out weekly newsletters to the club member and players as well as controlling the clubs social feed and creating promotional graphics.

End result: Leaps and bounds! An online presence, up to date website and internet marketing package is one of the best decisions Macclesfield Rugby Club has made. The growth in visitors per month is a constant increase and socially the club continues to please its fan base, gaining more and more followers every day. We are very proud of the progress made within this project.

See how Macclesfield Rugby club continues to progress online by visiting their website.