An introduction to SEO

Our Beginners’ Guide to the Web series has already covered some important topics – each of them touching on the importance of SEO. But what is SEO exactly – and why do you need to understand and appreciate it to experience success online? Here we provide a brief run-down explaining the key basics, before we get into the nitty-gritty aspects of SEO over the course of coming blogs on the topic.

What exactly is SEO?

‘SEO’ stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In essence this involves optimising your website (and now your complete online presence, including social media) with search engine success in mind. Many mistakenly believe that SEO is just about ranking highly in Google searches. Whilst that’s its principle aim, it must be appreciated in perspective. Good SEO aims not just to help your website to rank highly. It actively improves your presence online to help you to capture sales once visitors find you – and ensures that you rank only for relevant search terms rather than for general searches or highly saturated markets that are unlikely to produce a return for you.

Why do I need SEO?

If you’ve been following this series intently, you’ll already know why SEO is crucial for any business that’s serious about remaining front of mind for modern consumers. It’s especially key for companies who need some portion (if not all) of their sales traffic and revenue to come from the web. Where there were once many methods customers could use to find new businesses to engage with (Yellow Pages, brochures, word of mouth) there is now only one stream of information that encompasses all of these sources – and that’s Google. Therefore ignoring Google as a business is a massive mistake – and this is the primary motivation behind companies ploughing more and more of their marketing budgets into SEO as opposed to investing more in traditional marketing methods.

Where do I start with SEO?

Embarking on an SEO strategy can feel daunting – but only if you’re going it alone. SEO doesn’t need to be stressful – in fact, with a reliable partner on board to guide you and support you all you need to do is sit back and concentrate on doing what you do best. It’s simply fantastic to hear the phone ringing off the hook, see email orders rolling in thick and fast and witness footfall increase. That said, SEO often takes time to work. You’ll need to be committed and prepared to wait for a couple of months at least to see results – and start making a return on your investment.

Need specialist SEO support? We’re on hand to help. Get in touch today to enquire about our bespoke, holistic approaches and packages – or take a look through our blogs and services for further information.

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