Backlinks: Getting Linkable – How to Pull In the Points Naturally

These days, any web business or site owner that resorts to buying or manufacturing fake backlinks deserves what they get. Harsh as it may sound, it’s about the single most obvious SEO blunder of the past few years and one that’s universally acknowledged as a ticket to big trouble.

Of course this is all well and good, but at the same time poses a thousand and one questions as to not only the value of backlinks today, but how to build/earn them. In value stakes, backlinks can be as powerful as they ever were but are scrutinised more intensely today than ever before. In terms of pulling in the points naturally, it’s all about making your site something of a linkable asset and encouraging others to give for free what others may resort to paying/begging for or fabricating.

Here’s a look at a few ideas for staying on the straight and narrow when building backlinks:

1 – Relevant Guest Blog Posting

It’s an oldie but a goodie and one that can still work if done with care and caution. It’s no longer a case of simply spamming a thousand random blogs with backlinks to try and curry favour – Google and Co. are very much wise to such tricks. However, if you contribute to relevant guest blogs of quality…or other websites/businesses for that matter…you stand every chance of stacking up at least a few genuine backlinks that count for something.

2 – Create In-Depth Guides

When it comes to the kind of evergreen content that’s also trusty bait for link building efforts, longer and more in-depth guides often tick all the right boxes. The idea here being that even if there are already plenty of guides out there on any given subject, there’s nothing to stop you expanding on them with a longer, more comprehensive guide. Longer guides can be good for attracting natural and permanent links.

3 – Get Controversial (Carefully)

There’s often nothing better for link building efforts than creating discussion and debate that borders on the heated variety. This is where a little controversy can help, though must be approached with extreme care to avoid offending anyone. If possible, try introducing a topic in your content that has your target audience or the public in general split right down the middle. This helps create the kind of engagement and debate that often pulls in a good number of natural links.

4 – ‘How To’ Pieces and Lists

It sounds like further flogging of the proverbial dead horse, but even in this day and age list content and ‘how to’ pieces never fail to bring in the clicks and earn decent backlinks. Of course it needs to be relevant, interesting and in some way unique – therein lies the challenge of making it work for your own website.

5 – Mixed Media

Last up, there tends to be no kind of content on the web right now that’s shared more frequently and across a larger audience than visual media – videos and images. It can take little more than a creative/funny/controversial image or video clip to immediately get the attention of thousands, even millions of target audience members. So when it comes to boosting engagement and ultimately furthering link building efforts, remember that it’s not all about written content alone.

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