Basic SEO Mistakes.

If you want to be successful when performing search engine optimisation, (SEO) on your website, there are a few simple mistakes you should avoid.

These mistakes often develop from a misunderstanding of what it takes for your SEO to be successful.  There are three of the most common mistakes found within websites.  Avoiding them will help you to start achieving your goal of higher page rankings.

Keyword Stuffing.

Filling your pages with too many keywords will do more harm than good.  Search engines can easily identify pages crammed with keywords and will penalise your website.

Write your pages for the readers of your website.  Focus on only a few keywords per page and do not pack the copy with them.  Try to write as naturally as possible.

Title Tags.

Title tags are a very important factor of SEO.  Not including them will have a negative effect on how search engines will rank the page.

Title tags should contain specific keywords or phrases with the most important keywords towards the start.  Avoid using the same title tag for every page on your website.  Your title tags should still be relevant to the content within the page.

Multiple H1 Tags.

H1 tags are another important factor for SEO.  Each page should contain one H1 tag that sets out the heading of the page so that search engines know what it is about.

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